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Financial Transparency

Leadership Clark County is committed to financial transparency. Our organization is shaping the community in Clark County because of generous community support. We are honored to say that in fiscal year 2016, 80% of all funding went directly to support our mission and programs to develop effective leaders to serve our community. Please feel free to contact us at 360-567-1085 or if you have any questions or would like to learn about ways you can support our programs.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the LCC class of 2016, it has fulfilled my expectations and beyond. There is a great deal of effort that gets put into the program by everyone involved. The best part of the class is the networking opportunity with your fellow classmates. The group project allows you to work closely with 6 other classmates, you develop a very close bond.  The insight into the local and state government, local school system, and history of Clark County is exactly what I was hoping for.  Being a great leader means having knowledge of the community that you are involved in.  The education about our local community governance and operations is what I was looking for and that is exactly what I received.

  -- Aaron Dawson, Class of 2016

24 March 2017

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6 October 2016

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