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Leadership Clark County Application

LCC accepts applications throughout the year with convenient deadlines for early and regular enrollment. Early applications for the upcoming LCC Class are due in late February. The final application deadline for regular enrollment is May 31.

If you wish to be added to our list of potential candidates, please fill download and complete the application packet. Applicants must complete an interview before acceptance into the program. 

NOTE: LCC has temporarily suspended it's online application process. We hope to update the site with an improved online process in 2020. For now, please download the Application Packet.

Completed applications may be submitted via email to or sent via US mail to Leadership Clark County at 400 E. Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660.


Financial Assistance

If there is adequate funding and a demonstrated need, LCC may offer scholarship assistance and/or payment plans. Documentation will be required.



Ask us how we can help accommodate your participation. Please contact the Executive Director at or (360) 567-1085 to discuss any special accommodations that you may need. A reasonable accommodation could be, but is not limited to: changes to a session layout to improve lighting, hearing or mobility;  large print or high contrast documents and forms; support for assistive listening and seeing devices.


Excellence in Racial Equity Scholarship

LCC offers an Excellence in Racial Equity Scholarship (EiRES) to honor Clark County citizens who have contributed to the advancement of cultural, economic and social equity across all races in our community and to encourage and develop future leaders passionate about social change and racial equity. Unlike LCC’s “needs-based” general scholarship, EiRES is a community “area of leadership” based scholarship.

Application Process

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  • Contact Information

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  • Employment

  • Referral

  • References

    A brief letter of recommendation from two (2) members of the community who have known you one year or longer must accompany this application. You may wish to consider asking LCC alumni who are famliar with this program and with you to provide these letters. A list of alumni can be obtained on this website.

    The letters of reference should answer the following two questions:

    1. Share a specific example of how you have seen this person as an active and/or a contributing member of the community.

    2. How does this person work in a team environment and how do they work in a team environment where there is conflict?  Please share an example if you have one.

    Letters of reference should be emailed directly to or mailed Leadership Clark County 400 E Evergreen Blvd Suite 113 Vancouver, WA 98660

  • Organizations and Activities


  • Personal Statement

    Successful completion of the Leadership Clark County program requires a commitment to some aspect of community leadership.  Your application will not be processed unless it is accompanied by a personal statement.  Please keep your statement concise, limited to a maximum of one page and typed in a font size no smaller than 12 point. Within your statement, please describe what area(s) of community improvement are you interested?  What achievement or activity has been the most important to you from a leadership or community perspective, and why?  

  • Additional Uploads

    Please complete the forms on the right and then upload them as needed. You can also use this area to upload additional work history or your resume.





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