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Opportunities abound for alumni to stay connected to LCC and contribute to its ongoing success!

You can:

  • Join a committee
  • Be a sponsor
  • Participate in planning a class session or help out at an event
  • Recommend LCC to co-workers, friends, family and associates and help them with the application process
  • Attend orientation, graduation and alumni events


LCC committee members are the lifeblood of the organization. They help recruit new candidates, develop and present curriculum, plan events for alumni, fundraise and promote LCC in the community.

Just some of the things our committees do:

Alumni – Day of Service, annual Outstanding Alumnus Award, quarterly events and professional development workshops.

Curriculum – plan and present class sessions, including the retreat and a day trip to Olympia, Washington’s state capitol.

Development – obtain donations for scholarships and connect companies with LCC sponsorship opportunities.

Marketing & Outreach – maintain website and social media sites, write and distribute news releases, promote LCC at community and business events.

Recruiting – plan and host information sessions for prospective participants; identify, contact and interview prospective candidates.

I am very happy to be a part of LCC! I feel the program has helped take the blinders off and has taught me that you are always a role model to somebody. I would and have recommended the program to others and  I feel all the programs so far have great value. One of the best benefits is belonging to the LCC Family and  It has been so nice to see all the alumni come and help out in all the different functions.

  -- Jamie Birkeland, Class of 2016

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