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Natasha Hill

Board Member

Meet Natasha, a community-focused real estate professional with a knack for connecting with people and making a positive impact. Natasha is LCC Class of 2023!

Beyond the business realm, Natasha is drawn to the vibrant community spirit of the Northwest. She finds joy in participating in local events, supporting neighborhood initiatives, and connecting with people on a personal level. Natasha’s belief in the strength of community is evident in her dedication to creating spaces where individuals feel empowered and valued.

In the heart of her career, Natasha envisions real estate not just as transactions but as an opportunity to contribute to the community’s growth. She seeks to empower individuals by finding them not just a house, but a home within a thriving community.

With a commitment to building connections and a genuine enthusiasm for community well-being, Natasha is not just a real estate professional but a catalyst for positive change within the fabric of the Northwest community.


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